Sudoku Guide - Powerful Sudoku Puzzle Solving Tips, Strategies

Sudoku solving, be it complex or beginner level, what you need is a guide if you want to go to advanced Sudoku Puzzle Solving. Some puzzles can be daunting to handle. But I will give you some basic tips here on the right approach to Sudoku game.

The actual challenge for Sudoku players is to fill all 1 to 9 numbers in the box. However because of it's rules, it sometimes gets the players irritated who find it hard to complete the box. The rule is: the number 1 to 9 must come out only once in each row and column.

To avoid being trapped by this rule, players must have strategies, or some reference to it's secrets which they can use to solve the puzzle correctly and effectively.

My experience with Sudoku has taught me a few lessons on strategies. I have sequentially put some here.

1. Using a pencil is helpful
Pens are for the professionals. Though the puzzle may seem to be easy, erasing your errors while solving the squares is a good idea.

2. Think through the plausible answers
Never put a number if you are not exactly sure. Think through your answer and use trial and error as your last resort.

3. Start with commonly thought numbers
Introspect the puzzle closely to know which of the numbers come out frequently. Choose these numbers and know if you can put any of them. As you begin to do this, you can put lightly drawn lines cutting every row and column that holds the numbers. Try looking at each box that does not have the number yet. If you happen to find a box with a single empty space that is crossed out, you should then put the number on that space.

4. Go on to the nearly filled box
As you begin putting the numbers, watch out for the rows, columns, or the 3 x 3 block that are nearly filled in. Once you have found one, decide which of the numbers should remain to be placed in that box. Know the numbers that are not yet placed then, check if there is a suitable position in the box. If there is at least one, place the number. I hope I ve got you interested, or else you can refer to ultimate sudoku guide.

5. Start scribbling on a paper all the permutations and combinations when stuck
The easy numbers are already placed in. You try to concentrate and you realize that you are not using your pencil. This means, you are stuck with the puzzle. Imagine the answers for each square again. Note down all the probable answers within each square. Choose a square and scribble in small size any of the numbers from 1 to 9 that do not appear in each row, column or 3 x 3 grid. This will help you figure out that the square has a single possible answer only. Put down the number.

6. Search for other options
There could be a situation that you reach the point where all empty boxes have many probable solutions. When this happens, the puzzle gets really difficult.

Your plan should be to look for the several boxes in a row, column or box that have similar options. If you can locate 2 boxes that have same two options, both the numbers should be placed in those two boxes. It should not be placed somewhere else within the row, column or box.

This strategy will surely work if your options overlap in 2 boxes or more. If you find that the total number of different options along with the connected group of boxes does not does not go beyond the number of boxes included, you can presume that each of those numbers is placed anywhere within that group.

7. Start all again if you tend to duplicate
Lastly, if you find an invalid duplication, stop, and know the reason behind doing so. If you still cannot find it, then it is always better start the puzzle all over again.

By following these tips given above, you are most likely to enjoy your game well, doesn't matter if it's easy or the most difficult Sudoku puzzle.


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